An at home session can captures the place that is most special to your family and capture a slice of your day to day. I will travel to your home to capture your family in the heart of your home. 

Imagine a relaxed photo session with no need to get everyone out of the house, or arrive at a certain time. Include your pets, as many family members as you like and your favourite nooks and crannies of your home. These sessions are most suitable for newborn babies and little ones that are not yet walking. We can do at home sessions with older children where we include some outdoor time as well. 

On arrival I'll have a look around for the best light and locations and you can tell me about your special places. Don't worry, your house doesn't need to be picture perfect, children are living there after all! I can capture both details and the wider view as desired.


One of the most difficult things for a child when they’re having a photo shoot at home can be seeing all of their toys, but not being able to play with them.

Before the shoot I recommend putting everything that you don’t want to be in the photographs away; out of sight usually means out of mind, and will help your child to stay focussed on what they’re doing. Of course there may be certain toys that you’d love to include in the shoot, and if that’s the case it’s no problem to keep those out.

The same goes for things like TV remotes, iPads and games consoles; if your child is likely to become distracted by them during the shoot it can be helpful to put them out of sight.